Vicki Suter

Discovering the power of good questions

The power of not-knowing

QuestionMarkThere’s a reason I’ve worked my entire professional life in higher education.

That’s the best place I’ve found for “not-knowing.”  Counter-intuitive, isn’t it, if we think of a university or college only as a place for narrow, specialized knowledge (a set of disciplines)?   If  instead we think of a university as a community of learners and creators of knowledge (students, faculty and staff), and not-knowing as the essential starting place for all learning and knowledge creation . . .  then what better place for me?

For some, not-knowing creates an uncomfortable, uncertain place. For me, this place is where I have the most personal freedom and control, because I have the power to ask questions. My life’s work is to discover and explore good questions about learning. Hopefully, some of that work will happen here.