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How does an ePortfolio provide a structure for reflection, learning and program assessment?

If I want to wander around through ideas and feelings and thoughts, with no concern for a context such as my vocation, avocation, or state as a student, then using … Continue reading

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Does a garden work as a metaphor for how and why a portfolio matters?

Metaphors are such important things – they tell a rich story with meaning we couldn’t convey any other way. So, I’ve been working away at a metaphor that reflects my … Continue reading

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Is an “artifact” of learning a frozen moment in time?

In thinking about a prior post and a response to it, about a barrier to transparent learning, I started wondering about the concept of an “artifact” in ePortfolios. Luckily, in … Continue reading

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Why am I doing an ePortfolio?

I want to practice being open and transparent in my learning in the moment. I want to share my emerging understanding, as it is emerging, as I’m mulling things over. … Continue reading

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