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Where’s the pain?

New words, I love new words.

A new word – nociception. The poet in me takes it apart: ception from cipere, from root capere (to take in one’s hands, to contain, to take). So we have perception (to take [in] something through something else, hence to perceive).

The noci?  From Latin to hurt.

So, nociception, loosely, the “perception of a painful stimulus”

Deep change is painful.  We, those who love teaching (and learning) and who have chosen to inhabit the world of formal education, are feeling that pain as we accept (ah, yes, same roots as perception) that our world is irrevocably changing.

My physical therapist gave me the word as a gift, along with some advice about pain: breathe through it.

And, after a day picking blackberries, I’m thinking that maybe something sweet comes with the pain.



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